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    Server's Guild: The Office of Server is an important ministry within St. Margaret of Scotland Church. It provides a wonderful opportunity for young people, in particular, to participate in a fuller way of the work of the Church. Serving enables the participant to become closely allied to the liturgical life of the Church.

     St. Margaret of Scotland Sunday School under the direction of Mike Cuvelier and Susan Crouse: The Sunday School program runs in conjunction with the school year and in co-ordination with the 10:30 service. This program has grown over the past several years and is a vibrant part of our church community. The Sunday School is using the Whole People of God curriculum. The curriculum follows the Revised Common Lectionary, so the children are exploring the same scripture downstairs as the adults are studying upstairs. The children also do active things as well as crafts to satisfy the learning needs of all children The fourth Sunday of each month is a Family Service. Under the direction of Susan Crouse the Sunday School had a very successful Christmas Pageant.

    In September of 2017 five young people who had been confirmed in April formed the nucleus of a new youth group. Seven meetings have been held from September 17 to December 10 with an average of four in attendance. Janet Templeton has joined the group as leader and cook. In December Blake Wright has joined the youth ministry. Jordan Draper, Brian George and John Burke have helped at various times. The youth group meets every second Sunday at 3:00 pm. The group starts with an icebreaker, then move into a discussion, light the candle and have a quiet time of prayer, followed by a supper and planning.

    Family Service: The Family Service at St. Margaret of Scotland is held on the fourth Sunday of each month.

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Cub Pack

Cubs meet in the Parish Hall on Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30

under the leadership of Anne King. All youth from ages 8 to 11 are invited.


Beaver Colony

Beavers meet in the Parish Hall on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30 under the

leadership of Annette Kelly. All youth from ages 5 to 7 are welcome.