St. Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church, 3751 Robie Street (north of Leeds), Halifax, NS, B3K 4T3, 902-455-2451: office email (ONLY read on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

Tues. @ 1:30 pm Gardening Committee Meeting - Church

Tues. @ 7:00 pm Meditation in the church

Thurs. @ 9:30 am Meditation - Church



We want to hear from you If you haven't already, please take a copy of the yellow sheet marked "St. Margaret of Scotland Parish Discernment." The five questions we are asking you to ponder are 1. What do you like about St. Margaret of Scotland Parish? 2. What are your hopes and dreams for our church? 3. What would you like to see changed? 4. How could we better serve the community around us? 5. How could we share our faith with more people? Every voice counts as we begin to discern where God is leading us, so that we can thrive and grow as a faith community. Parish Discernment Planning Group

Silver Jar Campaign Our Parish continues to be inspired by the example of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, whose care for the needy was a part of her everyday life. That which is small change to some of us can make a real difference to someone in a time of financial crisis. Our Church Council invites any who are able to contribute spare “silver” coins for the Discretionary fund, and the Fellowship of the Least Coin, a global outreach program supported by the ACW. Your donations are deeply appreciated! Jars are available at the back of the church

Supporting our Parish If you would like to support our parish, we are now online, please go to search: Parish of St. Margaret's of Scotland Church. Our wifi: SMOS password: 9024552451

Pre Authorized Remittance (PAR): Please note, we offer Pre Authorized Remittance (PAR) for your monthly offering. For more information contact Annette Kelly,parish treasurer, @ 902-454-6390 or

Mark Your Calendars

Sat July 28 Sandwich Club


"The Scroll of the Prophet Isaiah was handed to Jesus. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written..." and he read. Our new Lending Library at the back of the Church provides a variety of books. You are welcome to take out a book by signing the "checkout" booklet. A comfortable chair has been provided if you wish to sit quietly and read at any time.

Fellowship of the Least Coin: The Fellowship of the Least Coin is an international ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice, and reconciliation. This movement was begun in 1956 by Shanti Solomon of India, who was part of a Christian women’s mission of reconciliation to countries on the Pacific Rim. The division among people and nations were made real to her when she was not allowed into Korea because it did not have diplomatic relations with India. She stayed behind in the Philippines, longing for a way to make all women feel part of the worldwide family of faith. As she prayed, God gave her the simple but profound idea of the Fellowship of the Least Coin. Today, FLC continues to grow into an ever-widening circle of prayer, embracing people around the world. The Altar Guild and the ACW at St. Margaret's always supported the Fellowship of the Least Coin. They have now expanded this program to include the parishioners of St. Margaret. There is a large can at the back of the church that you can put change into or you can collect your coins at home and bring them to church and put them in the can.

Please continue to support the Leprosy Canada Mission in their important work providing cure and care for leprosy patients, by bringing your stamps and putting them in the container at the back. Stamps are trimmed with no less than 1/4 inch border paper. Thank you.